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Ratheniska National School

Partnering Children on their Developmental Journey

Thank you, Mrs Dwyer.


Parents and grandparents attended the coffee morning on 26th June to mark the occasion of Mrs. Joan Dwyer’s retirement. The Parents Association presented Joan with a bouquet of flowers and a gift which was the result of a collection from parents in the school – many present commenting ‘Joan had all of mine’ and noting the contribution she had to their development in their early years. Those in the first class Joan taught in 1993 are now in their mid thirties, some of whose children Joan taught this year. We congratulate her on the long service and huge impact on the community during that time.

Go neirí go an t-ádh leat, Joan agus bain taitneamh as an gcéad aistear eile i do shaol!

Happy Holidays!


Ms. Dunne and all the staff of Ratheniska NS wish you all a very happy and safe Summer Holidays.

We will return for Day 1 of our new school year on August 31st at 9am.

Slán to Mrs Dwyer.


After almost 30 years teaching Infants in our school, the children, Ms. Dunne, the staff and many parents gathered together today to say goodbye to Mrs Dwyer and wish her all the very best as she opens a new chapter in her life. Mrs Dwyer has seen many changes since she started teaching in Ratheniska NS – from blackboards to whiteboards, workbooks to iPads, video cassettes to Youtube and much more!

We wish her health and happiness as she embarks on her journey to retirement.

Go dtéigh tú slán, Mrs Dwyer.

Good Luck to the Class of 2023


We would like to congratulate our 29 6th Class pupils as they  come to the end of their Primary Education and head off in many different directions to Secondary School.

As we reminisced about the eight years they have been here, we enjoyed looking at the photos in the video below.

We wish them all the very best and we know they will do us proud!

Sports Day 2023


Our annual Sports Day was a great  success this year.

We took ourselves to the G.A.A. pitch where we sprinted, panted, puffed, fell over, ate ice-cream and had a great day!



All the boys and girls from 1st to 6th classes have sung their way through the year as they attended their choir classes each Thursday.  Ms. Sarah Troy has introduced them to songs in many genres and this is just a sample of what they have learned.

We wish Ms. Troy all the very best as she heads off on her travels in the months to come.

Cumann na mBunscol Reps


Congratulations to two of our 6th class girls, Molly and Mia, who have been chosen to represent our school on the Laois Cumann na mBunscol panel. They will head off to DCU, St. Patrick’s Campus on Wednesday next to play in the Cumann na mBunscol Áth Cliath Girls’ Football Blitz.

On the day, they will be up against Offaly, Westmeath and Louth.

Go n-eirí an bóthar libh, a chailíní.


TSI 2023


This is Fifth Class rounding up our T.S.I experience for this year. After our second bash at T.S.I we can confirm that it has improved our reading, writing and increased our vocabulary, especially after Covid. While we were doing home schooling we started to lose our confidence in reading aloud however we are now very confident at reading not only in our small groups but now to the whole class. We learned a lot from T.S.I and have read many interesting books along the way such as Holes, Mr Stink, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom and too many more to mention.

Last cycle we mixed it up and some days we read our book “Holes” all together as a whole class taking turns and then chatting together about the events of the book. Other days we got into our small groups to work on the book. It was interesting to find out that some of us enjoyed reading together as a whole class better some days as they felt the room was less noisy and they could concentrate more easily on reading or listening. Some enjoyed everyone reading the same book as you could hear many different reactions to the story. Some days some of us definitely preferred working in our smaller groups as we got to read more ourselves and find it easier to share ideas in the smaller group too. All in all it was an interesting experience to mix it up every now and then.

We have worked in large groups and small groups. We practice different types of reading such as popcorn reading and we worked very hard to improve our fluency. We get asked questions and we make up questions too. We also use many strategies such as making predictions, connecting to characters, summarising and comparing and contrasting. In our opinion T.S.I is cool and a great way to learn not just about the book but about your classmates too and how they figure out stuff and what they enjoy!

To wrap up our Fifth Class experience we worked on our “Story in a Box.” This is where we created a scene from a book we had read during T.S.I in a shoebox relying on our creativity and some patience. We got to work in pairs or individually and the final results were something else. Take a look below.

6th Class Graduation Mass


In the stunning backdrop of the Mass Rock in Oughaval Woods, Rang 6 and their parents got together today along with Ms. Dunne, Mr. Conway, and Mrs Spillane for their Graduation Mass. Fr. Ciprian and Fr Aurelio concelebrated the Mass with readings and prayers from some of the pupils in Rang 6.

Before heading for their lunch at the picnic area, they were presented with their graduation hoodies by the Parents’ Association.


Class to 3K 2023


3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes started training for the now annual Class to 3k after Easter. We trained  along with Ms Dunne, our teachers and SNAs twice weekly. Many of us thought we would never be able to run three kilometres, so it was with trepidation for some and excitement for others that we got together on Friday, June 9th, to complete the challenge. We were joined by all those from Infants to 2nd class who ran one kilometre. We  are all so proud of ourselves and we are delighted to wear our brand new hoodies which were presented to us by Ms. Dunne in recognition for all our hard work. Juniors, Seniors, 1st and 2nd Classes were presented with certificates in honour of their fantastic running also. Thank you to all involved in this great day and also, of course, to all the parents who came along to cheer us on.