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Ratheniska National School

Partnering Children on their Developmental Journey

Credit Union Schools Quiz Returns for 2023


The return of the Credit Union Schools Quiz, following a break during Covid-19, was eagerly awaited by  school children across the country this week. The quiz is an important part of the ILCU’s youth outreach programme, which aims to demonstrate the value of local credit unions to children and young people. Over 25,000 students from schools across the country will compete in three quiz rounds over the next number of months.

Our team frtom 6th class  had their preparation done and ended in an extremely creditable 4th place following a series of very challenging questions.

Maith sibh!

Catholic Schools’ Week 2023


Catholic Schools is taking place nationwide from 22-29 January . On Sunday , our school was proudly represented by some of our 6th class girls at the 12.30 Mass in Portlaoise. All classes have been reflecting during the week on this year’s theme ‘Walking Together in Faith & Love’.


Looking out!


Rang 2 have been paying virtual visits to many areas in Laois during their Geography classes this week. Following lots of lively discussion, they recreated what it would be like to look out their windows at places like Glenbarrow , O’Moore Park, Emo Court and many more.

World War 2 in 6th.


Rang 6 wanted to learn more about World War 2 in history, so they set themselves up in groups, took out the Ipads and started researching. Information was gathered, collated and written out, Artwork and photos were sorted and the completed projects are ready for display for all to view!

Fly Me to the Moon!


Senior Infants have been learning about space, the planets and the moon since they started Term 2. They learned all about the first moon landing and did some lovely artwork depicting Louis Armstrong flying off in his spaceship!