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Bubbles, Bread and our Future School!

One of the experiments that 5th class undertook aimed to open our eyes to just how much bacteria is on our hands and devices if left uncleaned. The experiment uses slices of bread to demonstrate the accumulation of bacteria.  We use several slices of bread,each representing a different phase of cleanliness. Our experiment is ongoing this week as we await the results.
As the theme of this year’s Science Week is Creating our Future, we thought about what our future school would look like. We had a lively discussion and came up with many innovative ideas. 
In another experiment we looked at the effects that different liquids can have on our teeth. We soaked some eggs and explored the softening effects of acid.
Finally, we found that the secret to making bubbles is surface tension. … This is because the surface tension—the forces holding the molecules of a liquid together—of water is too high. We added detergent to the water to decrease the surface tension, so that bubbles can form. Excitement was high as we competed to make the biggest bubbles and the most bubbles within other bubbles!!