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Booklists for the Coming School Year


Booklists for all classes  for 2021-2022 can be be found at

Class to 3K 2021


After a lapse of 1 year, the annual Class to 3k returned today.  3rd to 6th classes have been training for the past number of weeks and were confident as they took to the pitch today to complete their 3 k.  Many personal bests were smashed and we are very proud of each and everyone who took part. They now have a brand new hoodie as a reward for their efforts. Juniors, Seniors, First and Second pupils were equally proud of themselves as they did a mini-mini marathon by completing 1k and were presented with a Certificate of Participation for their efforts! Many thanks to all who organised the day especially some of our past pupils who helped out with the smooth running of the event.

Senior Infant Outdoor Classroom


Senior Infants are spending as much time as possible in the outdoor classroom that they have created and hope the weather remains good for the rest of the term. They were very fortunate to get  some cable reels which they turned into tables, a pallet and pallet collar which became their mini garden and a restored blackboard which brings back memories of classrooms long ago. With a few other creative touches, they have a classroom outside which they loved coming to every day!

The 7 Wonders of the World


5th Class have been taking a virtual tour of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World during their History and Geography classes . They then got their artistic, engineering and creative skills together and created 3D models of the famous sites. A great hands-on and collaborative learning experience!


A walk to Loughihoe


First Class went with their clipboards to Loughihoe last week. We looked at the cow parsley, we examined the buttercups, we found so many plants  and brought them back to class to try to identify them. We looked in awe at the scenery all around the Ratheniska. We brought our lunch with us so that we would not have to go back to class too early as we enjoyed our learning so much!!

4th Class Gardeners


Now that the spring plants in the pots at the front of the school have gone past their best, Rang 4 decided it was time to get the pots ready for Summer. They have kept the old plants to replant next Autumn and were busy as beavers as they put in the new plants. They have promised to go above and beyond by keeping them alive during the Summer months and we look forward to seeing them in full bloom in September.

Biodiversity in 3rd


Third class have been exploring the biodiversity in our area over the last few weeks. They looked at the cycle of pollination, they explored the wild birds in our area and they completed their week by doing some weaving to make birds’ nests and they created a very colourful and informative display.