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Ratheniska National School

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Science Week 2019


All classes were busy this week as we integrated Science Week into many of our classes. Lava lamps, lighthouses and making bubbles were among the activities tried out in some classes. Several classes attended the Science Fair hosted by Rang 6 on Friday. The theme of Climate Change was very much in evidence as we observed the workings of volcanoes, hot air balloons, smoke bombs, wind turbines and more. Have a look at the photos on our Gallery Page to get a flavour of what we were up to!

Bubbly Science!


Rand 2 got Science Week 2019 off to a great start as we explored the chemistry behind making bubbles. We got our washing-up liquid and water and experimented with making the perfect solution. We used pipe cleaners as the blowers and had a competition to see who could blow the biggest bubble!

Junior Engineers!


In Juniors, we have been building all week as our current Aistear theme is The Construction Site. Today, we talked about building bridges and roads and we set about making some pretty amazing structures! We got some strips of card and curled, zigzagged, bent and twisted them and, as well as bridges and roads, we ended up with roller coasters, loop-the-loops and much more. A simple idea but great fun and one that sparked the imagination!

Gymnastics Time!


Junior and Senior Infants started the Gymnastics strand of the PE curriculum this week and what better place to do this than Portlaoise Gymnastics Club. Over the next five weeks, we will be rolling, tumbling, stretching, balancing and much more. Thank you to Denis and his team for their expertise and for the opportunity to use their facilities.

Let’s Walk to Paris!


To highlight the issues caused by the contribution of travel to greenhouse gases, the Green School Committee came up with the idea that we should walk a daily kilometre during the school day. We started this week and whilst getting in some exercise and fresh air, we highlighted how walking is a clean and healthy way to travel where that option is available. By the end of they week, we had cumulatively walked 8ookm which is the equivalent of a  journey from Ratheniska to Paris!

Planting in Seniors


Senior Infants have been exploring the theme of growing and sowing during their Science class. They decided that they would try out snowdrops this year, so they got their compost, pots and bulbs and  planted one each. They will be tracking their growth in the months ahead and looking forward to seeing the first signs of Spring.