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Ratheniska National School

Partnering Children on their Developmental Journey

Out and About!


First Class took advantage of the sunny weather during the last weeks of May. They took their clipboards and set off looking for signs of Summer in Ratheniska. They stopped for a rest at the grotto and even tested some buttercups to see whether they liked butter or not!

Senior Infant Timekeepers


Senior Infants have been learning about the concept of “Time” this week. They had great fun working collaboratively to make their own giant “clocks”. Time just flew by as they were having fun!

Musical First Class!


All the boys and girls in First Class started learning the tin whistle a short time ago and are progressing so well that they can now play 4-5 tunes. With encouragement from  Ms. Mulhall, they are now very adept at playing Hot Cross Buns, Twinkle, Twinkle and more!

Maths in Action!


At the moment in Rang 3, we are learning about area and perimeter. To make the topic more real and interesting, one of our tasks was to take to the GAA pitch with our trundle wheels and measure the perimeter of various areas in the pitch.This has helped us with our calculations in preparation for our Class to 3K. In training, we are currently running 2,736m. So, we only have 264m to go to make it to the 3K!

Finding the Perimeter

Whose Shoes??


We had a very enjoyable day last week when we all wore odd shoes and socks to school for a day. Click on the image to see some of our creativity!

Martin Waddell update!


Some weeks ago, for World Book Day, we learned all about the work of renowned Irish writer, Martin Waddell. Since then 5th Class have been in contact by email on a number of occasions with Mr Waddell. We were really delighted and thoroughly surprised when we received a signed copy of “The Big, Big, Sea” in the post. This signed book now takes pride of place at Reception in our school for all to see. Go raibh maith agat, Mr Waddell!

“Free From” in Rang 3


Third class were bust last week discussing procedural writing. However, as the week went on, we ended up in the kitchen making cupcakes! We worked in groups, cooperated and helped each other and also learned about some food intolerances that some of us have. We followed the recipe together and produced a batch of delicious gluten and dairy free cupcakes which were enjoyed by all!

Healthy Juniors!


In Junior Infants this week, we have been discussing food- healthy/unhealthy, fruit /vegetables and much more. We enjoyed learning about fruits that we can’t grow in Ireland, we read Handa’s Surprise and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we enjoyed making a very tasty caterpillar using fruit and veg. The best of all was that we got to eat our caterpillar in the end!

Green Schools Update!


The girls and boys of the Green Schools’ committee visited the classrooms recently to give an important update on how much water we are saving. They explained how we have put 1L water bags in each of the toilet cisterns and that this simple idea has lessened the amount of water needlessly flushed away in each classroom each day by a whopping 60L! That means a paddling pool full of water in the school each day and half a swimming pool in the whole year. WOW!

So, thanks to the efforts of all involved and keep up the good work.

The Field of Play!


In conjunction with Portlaoise Rugby Club, all the boys and girls in 4th, 5th and 6th Classes are currently learning the basic skills of rugby. Under the watchful eye of Paul Brady, they are enjoying being out on the pitch learning the rudiments of a game that many of them have not played before.