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Ratheniska National School

Partnering Children on their Developmental Journey

Scientific Seniors!


Spring weather hasn’t yet reached Ratheniska and Senior Infants  still have snow on their minds! They investigated whether putting a coat on a snowman would cause him to melt or not. Since they didn’t have real snowmen, they used frozen bottles of water instead and different types of materials for their coats. To their surprise, the “snowmen” with coats didn’t melt as quickly as the “snowman” without a coat.Snowman 3_opt

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One of the favourite times for many of our pupils is Visual Arts Class. The imagination is unleashed and the results are so inspiring. Click here or visit the Gallery section on the Home Page to see samples of our latest work. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Pancakes for all!


Ms Dunne and Mrs Stapleton donned their aprons on Shrove Tuesday and treated each and every child and staff member in school to pancakes. They were very ably assisted by Mrs O’Byrne, Miss Stapleton and 6th class. After 5 hours of mixing batter, frying, tossing and sharing out, we all agreed that they did not need to cook pancakes when they got home that evening! Thank you to all parents who sent in 2 euro per child – the money will go to school funds and all the children will benefit.

Shrove Tuesday

Safer Internet Day


Safer Internet Day is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. It was celebrated in our school on 9th February. Classes from 3rd upwards discussed how they should keep safe while browsing the net. Alan Ryan from Ríomhaire Tech. made the children aware of the dangers by taking them through some videos from “Webwise” and “Watch your Space”. He distributed some safer internet wristbands so that the children could spread the message at home as well as in school. Click here to see more from Ríomhaire Tech and the work Alan is doing to make ICT more accessible to schools.

Internet safety day


If all the snowflakes…


If all the snowflakes were chocolate chips and pancakes, oh what a snow that would be! On Pancake Tuesday, 2nd Class got an opportunity to check if the snowflakes were as tasty as the pancakes they had eaten.They had great fun in the snow and all agreed that happiness is surely catching snowflakes on your tongue!

Catching Snowflakes

Credit Union Quiz Time


We were very ably represented at the local Credit Union Table quiz recently. Cara, Sadhbh, Seán and Colin battled it out against numerous other schools. Even though they did not win, they had a very enjoyable evening and did us proud!Credit Union Team