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Ratheniska National School

Partnering Children on their Developmental Journey

A Trip to the Vet.


Junior Infants have had great fun this month exploring the theme of pets. They bring their pets to the Animal Clinic, are met by an efficient staff in the reception area, have a chat in the waiting room and finally have their pets examined by very experienced vets! The Vet's Surgery

Computer Kids


As the year moves on, so too do the technical skills of all pupils from 3rd to 6th class. For some months now, we have moved from simply being able to open up a Word Document to now being able to create powerpoints and presentations. Under the guidance of Alan Ryan, we feel very confident in our level of computer skills and are ready to take on any technological challenge!

Computer Class

Pancake Tuesday ‘creped’ up on us!



6th class recently took to the kitchens and whipped up some yummy pancakes. We also shared some knowledge with 3rd class as two of our boys demonstrated how to make the pancake batter, which was later tried and tested by the 3rd class students. Well done boys, you received a big thumbs up from these food critics!

Green Schools News – Guzzler meets his match!


Do you know Guzzler? Well, he’s the guy who never thinks about saving energy. Guzzler leaves the lights on when he goes out to play and who leaves the door open behind him so all the heat will escape! Gosh, he really guzzles energy. We in Ratheniska thought we would introduce him to someone who is much more careful not to waste energy and who thinks about the ways we can reduce the amount of energy we use. This is good for our pockets and good for the planet!

So, we had an art competition to create and name a character who could be Guzzler’s new friend. All the boys and girls took part and the standard of drawing and colouring was really superb. Well done to everyone and thanks to the teachers for helping out. Here are some pictures of the entries, the winners from each class and of course Guzzler and his new friend, Nibbler.

Entries from the Junior Classes

Entries from the Junior ClassesEntries from the Senior classes Entries from the Senior classes


Our class winners Clockwise: Aaron, Noah, Chloe, Briony, Jayden, Katie and Áine

Our class winners, clockwise are Aaron, Noah, Chloe, Briony, Jayden, Katie and Áine

Overall winner – Meaghan, 4th Class

Guzzler and his new friend, Nibbler

Nibbler and Guzzler – best buddies!






Shine a light!


Second Class recently experimented with various materials to find out if they were transparent, translucent or opaque. First we made predictions. After that we used torches to test different types of materials such as glass, paper, fabric and tissue paper. We had fun in the dark!!website pic 6website pic 8

Snow Much Fun!!


Second Class had great fun during the recent snowfall in Ratheniska. We made snowmen of all shapes and sizes! We even took a snow selfie! Snow much fun!1 snow

Recycled Art in Ratheniska


Sixth class and Senior Infants joined forces for a collaborative art project. They worked in mixed groups to create some cool money boxes. The materials used were mostly recycled materials. It was a great morning’s work and a special thanks must go to Sixth class for their fabulous designs. Check our out artwork in the school foyer.

Recycled Art Project with 6th Class and Seniors