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In Junior Infants, we love the film “Frozen”, so we decided to base our Science class on freezing and melting on a “Frozen” theme. We created colourful Elsa hands, filled them with interesting bits and bobs and froze them.We then had to think of ways of melting them. We used warm water, the radiators and even a hairdryer! We learned lots about changing liquids to solids and back to liquids again!Frozen Hand

Last of the Snowflakes!


Due to the recent dusting of snow we received, Third Class was inspired to create these cute and colourful pictures.

Catching Snowflakes!

Fantastic Fireworks!


We had great fun in Fourth Class creating fantastic fireworks over the past two weeks, using a technique called “Scratch Art”. Check out our creative and colourful artwork.



What month is your birthday in?


We are learning all about the months of the year. We made a block graph showing all the months and all our birthdays. What month is your birthday in?Senior Infants and Months of the Year

Let it Snow


School Photos-001It didn’t last long but we had fun while the snow made an appearance. See can you spot the world’s smallest snowman in our pictures!