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Ratheniska National School

Partnering Children on their Developmental Journey

A Walk in the Woods


On Friday last, Junior and Senior Infants experienced Autumn at first hand when we went for a walk and scavenger hunt in Corrigmeal Woods. We were met by Mary and David’s Grandad who showed us his favourite trees. We found pine cones, pieces of bark, fern, spiders’ webs, ladybirds and much, much more! Corrig meal woods-001

Brown Bread and Blackberry Jam


Senior Infants had great fun this month finding blackberries in the hedges around Ratheniska. In fact, we were so excited about finding the blackberries that we decided that we’d have to continue the excitement and make some blackberry jam. Have a look at our pictures to see how we did it. On Friday we had some brown bread and jam. It was yummy.